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1 in 3 Utah moms experience some level of depression or anxiety during or after pregnancy. It’s important to remember that emotional health changes can affect any parent around pregnancy and childbirth. By understanding these challenges, you can better support yourself or your loved ones. Explore resources and information to help navigate this journey together, ensuring that everyone gets the care and support they need.

Screen your mental health regularly:

1st Prenatal Visit

2nd Trimester (at least once)

3rd Trimester (at least once)

1st Postpartum Visit (or 6 wk)

6 and/or 12 mo. Postpartum

3, 9, & 12 mo. Pediatric Visits

FREE! 8-week Program

The Maternal Mental Health Access (MaMa) Study is an online program sponsored by the University of Utah Health.

The program has no cost for those who qualify and was created for women at risk of postpartum depression.

Find out if you are eligible.

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